In 2019 we created a revolutionary truly open source US Presidential Platform.

It's still up and you can still contribute!

Back in 2019 we, the former Ian Schlakman campaign for President, proudly presented:


This presidential campaign is about creating a true international human rights focused agenda that's anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, & anti-colonialist. It's a platform based around what we need right now to end poverty at home and abroad. It's a platform that plainly states what our country must do right now to end the many crises and threats we've instigated. Finally we have a presidential platform that recognizes that we must abandon capitalism before it can cause any more harm and before it destroys us and the planet. We can, must and will create a new economy. Our campaign boldly lays out a framework for how to get there.

Anyone, including you, can add to and comment to this platform. We can't wait to hear your thoughts and ideas. So read it, vote for what pieces of the platform you like, add your ideas and then help us grow with more voices by spreading the word.

Domestic Policy:

End Capitalism - Begin a Human Rights Based Economy and Government

Government has enormous power to define and control the economy. And despite claims to the contrary, the law defines the marketplace. We must use government to urgently switch from a capitalist economy to a socialist economy that is centered around the fundamental Human Rights of all people. We must take responsibility and make sure everyone has what they need to survive and thrive in this country.

Foreign Policy:

End Imperialism - End Colonialism - End ALL Unilateral Actions

We need a foreign policy based on multilateral diplomacy, international law, and human rights. We can not be the world's police force and we must stop being the world's arms dealer. End the never-ending unauthorized wars abroad and drone strikes. Drastically cut military spending. Close the 700+ foreign military bases and bring our troops home. Permanently end the war on terror.

We've Crowdsourced Our Official Platform

We're serious about creating the best Green and Socialist Platform. That's why we give you the option to edit it.

We've crowdsourced our platform and policies. This means in addition to us adding new policies and platform planks YOU can click a button and add your own policy ideas right from my platform.

And you can comment and vote for your favorite policies.

Add Your Own Policy Ideas

By clicking the "Add New Idea" button or the round lightbulb button you'll be able to post your own policy idea right to the platform. You start by posting a picture and a short description of the policy. Then you can always add more information about the policy in the debate or news section of the policy ideas page. Your name will be attached to the policy idea so everyone will know who proposed the policy.

Share Your Voice on Policy Ideas

When you click on a specific policy idea below the description you'll see 3 ways to state your opinion on the idea. You can add a short statement for or against in the debate section. You can add a general comment in the news section. And you can even add a photo.

Be sure to click on the heart of the policy ideas you like as the system will rank the policies accordingly.