Ian for President

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Platform Preview - Full Platform Coming Soon
Our Country Must make Revolutionary Change in the next 8 Years
​We Must Switch to #EcoSocialism to #SaveThePlanet & #EndPoverty

            For generations the rich lived like kings, the middle class scraped by and the poor were treated like dirt. But now economic inequality is growing faster than ever, forcing the largest divide ever between the wealthy and poor. The middle class are virtually gone as more and more people live one paycheck away from financial catastrophe.

            Enter man-made climate change. Despite decades of warnings from scientists, our country has failed to take any serious action on the looming climate emergency. Scientists give our planet just 12 years before we reach a climate catastrophe.

            The goal of this campaign is to highlight the amazing work of climate and social scientists, activists, organizers, and leaders on the front lines from the communities most affected by these emergencies.

            Our country, our society, our culture and our planet can permanently change. We must work to become a civilization that actually uses its economic, culture, military and governmental powers to address the crises that affect all people. Not just a society that benefits the rich and powerful while the poor and the planet die.

            This massive change that we must undertake is called Eco-Socialism. Specifically, our campaign is calling for a Goal-Oriented, Democratic Eco-Socialist government and economy. That means switching away from Capitalism immediately and agreeing on universal goals that empower all people. Not just lifting folks slowly out of poverty, but actually abolishing poverty as quickly as possible.

            And for the sake of generations to come, switching from Capitalism to Eco-Socialism will literally save our planet from destruction. 

*The Presidency, like every branch of our government, has limited constitutionally defined powers. There are certain things the President can do as the head of the Executive Branch, through the power of the Executive Order and through the the power of the Commander and Chief of the Military. To that end, the following list below outlines what we believe the President can accomplish immediately with the power of the role. Following that are more long-term projects.


Immediate Changes the President Can Make

  • Debt Relief of Service Members - All service members should be eligible for debt relief programs that would allow the military to buy back the individuals debts. This would apply particularly to student loan debt, medical debt, and housing debt.
  • Training for Engineering and Cyber - The majority of our service members should be trained in and refocused on civil engineering, domestic infrastructure support, and cyber infrastructure development. Put service members to work on domestic infrastructure and cyber infrastructure immediately, not just during emergencies.
  • Guaranteed Immediate Housing and Food Vouchers for all Service Members - Families with service members are often faced with terribly long wait times for housing assistance. We would guarantee housing for service member families either through building more on-base housing or increasing housing vouchers. We would also create a food and cost-of-living benefit program to make sure no family has to be means tested to get assistance.
  • Switch Budget priorities to Helping Service Folks, Science, Technology - The military budget is enormous. But it does give us a glimpse into the notion that our country's government can spend with almost no accountability on defense and wars as long as that remains a major priority to the party in charge. With a Green Party administration in charge, under my direction as an Egalitarian and a Futurist, I would focus our spending priorities on science, technology, and civil infrastructure.
  • End Biological Warfare Testing Programs - The US actively stores and experiments on dangerous and highly contagious diseases in military research operations across the country. We would put an immediate end to these programs and the transfer of any stored diseases to the CDC.
  • Prepare for More Existential threats to the Planet such as Hazardous Asteroids, unpredictable AI, climate change, etc.

Laws and Other Longer Term Projects

  • Denuclearization - We must create a plan to reduce our own and the world's nuclear arsenal down to zero.
  • Share / Open / Shut Down Bases Abroad - We must stop our growing imperialism and work to shut down military bases around the world. However, a diplomatic committee should be formed to assess each base and work with the local country and the UN to see about repurposing the bases for either domestic use or a UN-like peace force that the US participates in as equal partners with other countries.
  • Bring All Troops Home - Unless deployed with a UN-like peace force group, the US should set a deadline of 2 years to bring all troops home.
  • Work with the UN to move our military from solely under our control to be an equal partner in a UN global peacekeeping force.
  • Science, Tech, Infrastructure, Emergency Services, Crises (Climate, Opioid, etc.), and Peace Corp-like Services Abroad


Immediate Changes the President Can Make

  • Engage in a campaign of direct democracy to come up with common goals for our government and our economy (such as reversing climate change, abolishing poverty, bolstering our infrastructure, etc.) Stop the capitalist notion of focusing on GDP and economic "growth" and focus the economy on these joint goals.
  • Create a commission that will work as quickly as possible to pardon all those incarcerated due to cannabis related crimes.
  • Declare a National Emergency for the Opioid and Drug Abuse crisis. Work quickly to get localities the drug treatment medicine and personnel they need.
  • Appoint an Attorney General, Secretary of Health and Human Services and Surgeon General of the United States that understand and are committed to treating the Drug Abuse Crisis as the physical and mental health crisis that it is.
  • Declare a Humanitarian National Emergency specifically for refugees and asylum seekers.  The declaration must recognize the fundamental, universally endorsed and United Nations imposed mandate that we as a nation have a responsibility to provide refugee and asylum to those that seek it. Humanitarian Aid should be sent to the border and ports of entry to make sure all those seeking asylum are treated humanely. Most importantly, all refugees and asylum seekers must be granted appropriate statuses and lawful entry into our country and should be treated like any other citizen, subject to normal laws and working conditions like anyone else.
  • Refocus the Small Business Administration on small, innovative Green companies, B-Corps and worker cooperatives.
  • Through executive order mandate that all government-owned properties that consume electricity be powered by small scale and preferably on-site/on-building solar, wind or geothermal.
  • The Dept of Justice must create a new investigatory agency that will work with prosecutors to solely focus on criminal law enforcement agents. This agency will have offices in every state and every major city and intentionally work with minority/POC leaders to work with communities that suffer from police violence.
  • Immediately pardon whistleblowers and other political prisoners such as Reality Winner, Jeffrey Sterling and Edward Snowden and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Laws and Other Longer Term Projects

  • Work with Congress to Introduce the Green Party's original New Deal plan.
  • Create a Federal Universal Basic Income Guarantee that is not means tested and provide to every citizen over 16 years old and other funding set aside for children.
  • At the Federal Level, create a new Federal Agency to have offices in every state and every major city that Guarantees Employment for Every Citizen.
  • Implement Improved Medicare for every person in our country. End the private health insurance industry in the US and make sure every worker in the current private insurance system has a job in the new socialized universal healthcare system.
  • Create a Technology and Science Ethics Board to engage the public in a structured discussion about the largest ethical questions that we face in our modern society. This includes major contemporary questions on bioengineering, AI, cyber defense, free speech in the age of "fake news", space, geo-engineering, etc.
  • Create a Federal Library Program that focuses on delivering media of all sorts online. Traditional libraries pay an author for X amount of copies of media based on popularity.  Why can't we do this for all artists? A Federal Library could buy X amount of media from all types of artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, etc. This would make sure every American can consume any media they wish without piracy and that artists would get a minimum amount of money from the Federal Library program.
  • Create a legal path for workers to democratically take control of their workplace. Particularly when a workplace faces permanent closure.

Our country needs to be the leader in a Global Realignment of our ruling International Orders. This means we stop forcing the completely fake notions of free markets on countries that don't want to adhere to that bogus global capitalist model. It also means re-engaging every single country in a new humanitarian, humans rights-focused global order that sees a peaceful UN oriented world instead of "superpowers" playing dangerous military games in a never-ending competition that could lead to the next World War.

  • Immediate Condemnation of Human Rights Abusers including the strongest condemnation of Israel for its modern apartheid of Palestine.
  • An immediate recognition that every human being deserves the right to survive and thrive. Grossly increase the amount of humanitarian aid to all nations that request it.
  • An immediate recognition that the planet and all creatures on it have rights and deserve protection and preservation.
  • Any effort to "stabilize" a war-torn country must be done through the UN. The US should create a plan to permanently abandon its role as an imperialist power and work as an equal partner with all other countries through the UN.
  • There are other countries, large and small, that don't value free-market capitalism. We must show that an economy, focused on humanitarian rights and creating a safe, efficient, and egalitarian world is our top priority. We should work with non-capitalist countries to make sure they are working within the UN in a new international framework focused on shared goals and not on capitalism.

Coming Soon - Policy Incubator

You've asked for it and we're making it a reality. We're hard at work on Our Policy Incubator platform. Check back soon for an update or contact us for more info.