Ian Schlakman & Annie Chambers for Governor

All about the candidates:

Ian Schlakman and Rev Annie Chambers

Rev Annie Chambers (center) right after winning her election for Housing and Urban Development's Baltimore Resident Advisory Board  Representative for Douglass Homes. She's with her campaign team (from left to right) Ian Schlakman, Tracey Smith, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese.

Ian Schlakman outside of the 2014 Occupy the FCC rally to demand Net Neutrality

Governor:   Ian Schlakman

Ian is a technology and cyber security entrepreneur who’s started many small businesses. He’s fixes computers, makes websites and consults on complex licensing, privacy, regulation and cyber security issues.

Ian is a local business enthusiast and has worked with many new economy groups, locally, nationally and internationally. Ian’s worked on many sustainability and environmental justice issues.

Ian is most proud of his work with economic justice groups that really think outside the box. Particularly, his work in bringing people new economy systems right now, such as alternative, local and virtual currencies and peer to peer economic organizations. These help create whole new systems of how people can trade with others even when they don’t have any money.

Ian has a unique background in guiding people and organizations on complicated technology issues, and a passion for innovating and reinventing our local economy.

Reverend Annie Chambers holding up a "Stop the Wars on the Poor" shirt

Lt. Governor:   Rev Annie Chambers

Reverend Chambers was born in 1942 and marched in the 1963 March on Washington. On the march, she went into labor, delivered her baby at the hospital and returned to the march. She has been an activist in Baltimore for more than 50 years, involved in the civil rights movement and the Black Panthers. She is best known for her four decades of work as an advocate for welfare rights, housing and civil rights.

She has served on the Tenant Council for Douglass Homes and on the Residents Advisory Board (the position she won in this election) before. For the last few days before the election on March 30th, members of the Baltimore City Green Party joined her in going door-to-door in the community as well as working at the election poll with her and others.

Overcoming a litany of obstacles from the property management, longtime social justice activist and Green Party member, Reverend Annie Chambers, won an election to the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) of the Baltimore Department of Housing this April.