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It's time for new leadership from a new party. Join our fight to grow the Green Party statewide!

Establishment politicians dominate every branch of government in our state. Time to break from the corruption of the two mainstream parties. People everywhere are looking for profound new ideas. We need real leaders that are ready to fight for all people in our state no matter what their social standing.

It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don’t want and get it.
— Eugene V. Debs

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Rev Annie Chambers

Annie is a living legend in the Civil Rights movement. She's a former Social Worker and helped found the National Welfare Rights Coalition. She's a radio show host, HUD RAB delegate and a mother of 24 children.


Ian Schlakman

Ian is a serial entrepreneur. He's started worker coops, local currencies, time banks & Basic Income groups. He's a former MGP Co-Chair, former chair of Baltimore Solidarity and former DSA: National Electoral Committee member.

Growing the Party

Did you know the governor's race is extremely important for us? If the Green Party doesn't get at least 1% in the 2018 Governors race we could lose our spot on the ballot. Voter's across the state are counting on us & we're counting on you!

Join Our Fight

Annie & Ian have been fighting for the poor, workers, minorities, immigrants & the environment. So we know how crucial it is to work on the local level. A big part of this race will be helping local candidates train, run & win their races.