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To All Greens, Socialists and Anti-Capitalists: Time to Build

Dear Friends, 

My name is Ian Schlakman, and I am officially launching my campaign to be the Green Party's Candidate for President of the United States.

This campaign is a coordination of dozens of existing movements working to solve the forces threatening to destroy us - capitalism, racism, sexism, imperialism, and violence. This campaign is a point of unity for anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-imperialist activists working on thousands of projects across the United States. This campaign is a place for political action operating free of the capitalism and imperialism that defines the elite candidates of the privileged parties. 

I am calling on you to bring your skills, your talents, and your work to the table so - together with thousands of other activists - we can present a unified campaign to stop white nationalism, stop imperialism, stop racism, and stop the wanton destruction of capitalism. You are working on building local cooperatives. You are building support for a universal basic income. You are building community health clinics. You are standing up to police violence. You are rallying against white nationalist violence. All of America and all of the world needs to see what you are doing! My campaign will boost the signal you are already sending to the world: America is better than Donald Trump. America is better than a broken Congress controlled by two privileged parties. We are ready to join the international community in fixing the climate crisis, providing health care to everyone, and ending imperialist wars.

As movements grow and stand up to capitalism, imperialism, and violence, we will build political action independent of the privileged parties that thrive on exploitation and violence. I am seeking the Green Party's nomination for President. I am a Socialist. In past campaigns I have been endorsed by the Green Party, Socialist Alternative, and DSA (Democratic Socialists of America). We will work to build a stronger Green Party, stronger Socialist parties, and new anti-capitalist political organizations focused on organizing a new economy built on abundance for all.

You are building a new world based on democratic participation, local solutions, and a global vision. You are taking on capitalism, imperialism, and racism. Your movements inspire me to challenge the system that exploits us and pits our movements against one another. With your help, we can build an independent campaign to show the world how we will join the international movement to change it for the better. 

Together we will make this change, 
Ian Schlakman - 12/14/2018

Ian Schlakman at the Institute for Policy Studies New Economy Fellowship