The Truth Episode 2 /// March 29, 2017

Our second show.

Reverend Mother Annie Chambers and Ian Schlakman discuss the struggle to get on the ballot for the RAB board election. The guileful tactics of public housing landlords are exposed. Callers offer remedies for corruption in politics and the uphill struggle for a living wage. The Reverend recalls the politics played at the Democratic convention. Ian and Annie set out the need for a political party which working class people can call a home.

  • The Reverend was denied a place on the RAB ballot due to her ‘cluttered house’
  • We learn of Desi Stringer’s tragic passing and his power to transcend environments
  • The Fight for $15 is dealt a dishonest blow from Catherine Pugh
  • Bernie’s supporters were drowned out at the Democratic convention
  • Why does age and race factor into voter choice, when should it be ignored or considered?
  • Local actions, engagements and coalitions are discussed


Ian Schlakman