Ian for President

Our 50 State and Territory 

Strategy to Grow the Green Party

        The Green Party needs to grow. The demand for an Independent Party is higher than ever. Populism and solidarity are simply not built into either of the two big corporate parties. This has resulted in a rise in fascism and nationalism on the right that poses as populism. Meanwhile, the left is happy with the new Fox News definition of the Democratic Party that somehow represents Wall Street and Socialism at the same time.

        Although we are the 4th largest national party, right now the Green Party is still very small and under attack like never before. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland, and if there's one thing we know how to do in Maryland, it's to grow the party as a successful, functional alternative to the two corporate parties. A party that activists on the front lines in their community can call their political home.

         It's time for us to build from the ground up. I'm running for President because we need a candidate that's focused on growing our party.


        When you run for President with the Green Party the media will come at you with every personal attack imaginable. You need to be ready with a consistent and coherent message to push winnable down-ticket candidates as hard as you can and to push more Independents and non-voters into our party.

Our two main goals:

  • Bring as much media attention as possible to Grassroots Green Party Activism and down-ticket candidates, especially candidates in winnable races.

  • Grow the Green Party! We will travel state to state, local to local across the country to help the Greens grow their chapters. We will do this through organizer trainings, rallies in solidarity with activists, and other events countrywide. The goal of these events is to paint a clear picture of why the Green Party is your party and how you can get involved and work with us for years to come.