Key Issues for our Governor's Race

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 Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Campaign Finance Reform and Public Financing for All Elections

Maryland has some of the laxest rules in the nation for campaign donations, making it extremely difficult for third parties to challenge the corporate-dominated Democrats and Republicans in elections. Money truly dominates our system - from the White House all the way down to local governments. In order to get money out of politics, we will provide public financing for all elections across the state. By leveling the playing field we can ensure elections will be about the parties and candidates who best serve the interests of working people.

 Credit:  Fibonacci Blue

A Maryland Public Bank to Invest in Our Future

Private sector banks and financial institutions have not served the public interest. Instead, we are subjected to financial crises, housing foreclosures, and worsening racial inequality through racist lending practices. A publicly-financed state bank would protect our communities from predatory finance while providing a sustainable lending system aimed at building community wealth rather than exploiting it through hidden fees and high interest rates. Revenue collected by the public bank would be reinvested in Maryland and used to fund public services. Main Street, not Wall Street!

 Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Reverse Public Housing Privatization

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program, which started under Obama and continues under Trump, has handed public housing over to developers with no strings attached. Decades of chronic under-funding by Congress has decimated our public housing stock. Working and middle-class people need an alternative to skyrocketing rents and the unaffordable real estate market. We will take back these properties and provide affordable housing for our cities and suburbs. Housing is a human right!

Maryland is Full of Millionaires - Raise Their Income Taxes!

Maryland has the most millionaires per capita of any state - 1 in 12 households. But when it comes to taxes, the rich hardly pay their fair share. The bottom 80% of households pay a larger share of their yearly income in taxes than the top 5%. We can reverse the widening income inequality in our state by raising income taxes on the wealthiest residents and using the revenue to fund public services, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and invest in communities.

 Credit: 0TheFool from

Credit: 0TheFool from

Free Public College and Student Debt Forgiveness

Total outstanding student loan debt in our state stands at over $30 billion. College students are graduating in massive debt and enter the job market with deep economic insecurity. Studies show that student debt hurts our economy by leaving students unable to invest in homes, start small businesses, or pay for goods and services. We need to provide tuition-free public higher education and forgive all outstanding student debts. Once liberated from debt, tens of thousands of people will have more disposable income available to invest in their future and spend in our economy.