Ian Schlakman & Annie Chambers for Governor

Frequently Asked Questions about our Campaign for Governor

Q: What is the Green Party?

A: The Green Party is a political party that seeks to make change by promoting and ultimately electing candidates to public office who are activists in their community and have a deep understanding of what would heal their community. The Green Party is a ballot-qualified party in Maryland, which means it has the same rights to run candidates as the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Green Party differs on a few things, such as fundraising. The Green Party does not accept contributions from corporations, political action committees, or unions. The Green Party also has what we call the Ten Key Values and our Party Platform. Unlike the other parties we make every effort to make sure our candidates adhere to our values.

Q: Why are you running?

A: I am running because every day I meet new people who don't like any of the other candidates running for Governor, and won't vote for any of them regardless of whether I run or not. I want everyone to feel good about voting. I want everyone in Maryland to feel like they have a choice that they like, regardless if it that takes three, four, or ten political parties. And I have proposals that no other candidate for Governor will even talk about, much less advocate. 

Q: Do you have to run?

A: The Green Party is a diverse party, and although I'm proud of our efforts to get young people involved in politics, we have older members as well. We have members who have told me that they remember being told that "this year's election is too important to get involved in...just wait until next time" since Richard Nixon ran in 1960. If Green candidates waited until the perfect election to run, we would wait forever. We can't rely on Republicans to run less dangerous candidates or Democrats to run better candidates, so we can only do what we feel like we have to do to shape the best democracy possible. 

Q: I've heard that Republican Governor Larry Hogan is very popular. Why are you running against him?

A: Governor Hogan's initiatives over his first term in office prove that he's simply not interested in the fixing the big problems that plague our state. He panders to upper middle class voters and ignores the problems of the working poor. Our policies are designed to efficiently and quickly abolish poverty. Traditional politicians like Gov Hogan don't focus on policies that help the poor as they don't expect them to vote. We are focused on the working poor because we genuinely believe that poverty is the root cause of almost all the big problems facing Marylander's.

Q: People are saying that Democrat Ben Jealous is as Progressive as you. Why are you running against him?

A: Democrat Ben Jealous is a Venture Capitalist by profession. He works with other millionaires to buy and sell businesses for a profit. His policy proposals reflect this. The only new source of revenue he's calling for is to tax legal Cannabis. Maryland tried a vice tax before when we tried a tax on gambling. Ultimately the tax failed to lift anyone out of poverty. We feel that millionaires in our state need to be taxed. In fact Maryland has more millionaires per capita than any other state. Our platform is all about doing what it takes to abolish poverty as fast as possible and to pay for that we'd be taxing millionaires like Ben Jealous and Gov Hogan.