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Our Statement on the Baltimore Mayor Pugh Scandal

11.04.19 05:50 PM By Ian

The recent events surrounding our Mayor in Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, have outraged me.

Her campaign conduct in all past elections has been corrupt and disingenuous for decades. This includes memorable scandals where she lied to Election Day Poll Workers. Her campaign promised them jobs. Then they took them on buses and told them to vote for her first before they could work. In the end the jobs were a lie and simply a scheme to get those poor souls to vote her way.

Her Mayoral Administration would routinely engage in favoritism. This is an old-school Baltimore tactic. If she she didn't like you she would shut down your access to basic city services. If you spoke out against her as Mayor or didn't contribute positively to her campaign, your phone calls into Baltimore Public Works, Housing, Transportation, etc., would simply go unanswered and be hung up on. By the way, making it impossible to work with City Hall is also something acting Mayor Jack Young is well known for. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/politics/bs-md-ci-spector-stripped-20141205-story.html

But most disturbing is the now well-documented pay-to-play schemes of some many well known Baltimore institutions that seek out and help politicians like Pugh for their own self-interest. Health institutions should be built on the idea of creating a more healthy community, yet they have poisoned our democracy and infected our institutions with their greed. We can no longer stand for these institutions that violate our trust and line the pockets of those that they want to influence. These institutions, their directors, and their boards should be punished severely. Unfortunately, they won't be. They'll continue to take taxpayer money, pay almost nothing in taxes, receive subsidies, and purchase the legislative process like Baltimore City Hall and Annapolis are a 24 hour Walmart Superstore open only to them. 

This is why I am running for the nomination of the Green Party of the United States. This sort of buying and selling of our public institutions must be recognized, called out, held accountable, and stopped.

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