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Ian Schlakman Opposes Border Wall and Funding for Border Enforcement, Calls for Open Borders and Citizenship for All

13.01.19 05:39 AM By Ian

Ian Schlakman opposes the tactics of both President Trump and his Democratic opponents in this year's immigration debate and calls for open borders, an abolition of ICE and the end of detention and deportation as tools in an unwarranted war on immigration. 

Ian Schlakman is Socialist seeking the nomination of the Green Party for President of the United States. 

"President Trump's wall was a ridiculous idea from the start," said Schlakman, "but he was able to use his rhetoric to bait Congressional Democrats into fighting a war on immigration. No one in Congress is standing up for open borders and the free flow of people and ideas across national lines, which is what we need to survive and thrive in the 21st Century."

"Democrats have responded to President Trump's call for wall funding by offering additional funding for border enforcement," said Schlakman. "They have offered him hundreds of millions of dollars for drone surveillance, enhanced technology, and additional agents to track and hunt people seeking to enter the United States. They want to sound reasonable by offering funding for barriers that aren't quite walls. People around the world know that the reasonable policy is to drop the nationalist effort to close off the United States. We have the potential to transform the world for the better and make ourselves better with the world's help, but we squander that potential with every drone, every agent, and every fence post intended to close us off from the world."       

As President, Ian Schlakman will use executive authority to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement and end detention and deportation as immigration policy. He will establish a network of centers designed to process people entering the United States and create a process to fast-track the citizenship process for anyone who seeks U.S. citizenship. 

"No should be detained or deported for crossing a national border. Our people in their communities are our greatest resource. People coming from other lands to better themselves and their families should be welcomed, not detained. Through new technology we can access ideas from around the world, but ideas are only as good as the people who develop them. Our ability to build community wealth and national prosperity depends on welcoming people from around the globe to grow communities here."

Schlakman disputes the concept of 'criminal immigration' and the bipartisan effort to wage war on immigrants. 

"President Trump has recently started using the term 'criminal immigration', but all of Congress - Democrats and Republicans - has approached immigration as a war to be fought against criminals for decades," said Schlakman. "Trump's opponents simply want to build a wall through different means. They have accepted the notion that immigration needs to be treated as a criminal justice issue. I disagree. Criminality exists in every capitalist culture. Criminality will exist in the United States whether a border wall is built or not. We will have to address it regardless, so it shouldn't be part of our immigration debate. The answers to our issues with criminality may in fact be waiting on the other side of our border waiting to get in. The answers to many of our problems are waiting to get in and help us build stronger, more resilient communities."

Ian Schlakman's key stances on immigration reform are:

-Open borders to all who seek entry
-Establish a process to fast-track citizenship for all who seek it 
-No border wall, no drone surveillance, no enhanced border security measures

-No detention or deportation as tools of immigration policy
-Abolish ICE